Root Cause Healing

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It all starts with the mind.  Your mind creates a thought.  Energy follows the thought.  The body follows the energy.  Whatever health issues you may be struggling to untangle in your life, they likely began as a thought – a shift in your mind where you experienced conflict, trauma, a loss of power or unprocessed emotion.  And that lingers in your subconscious as a memory.

A memory is merely a vibration.  If something painful or confusing happened to us in the past, then our subconscious mind latches on to the feelings, emotions, or vibrations of that incident.  It then plays back these memories, these vibrations, for the rest of our lives.  Not to punish us, but to protect us.  To move us forward in a way that avoids repeating that pain ever again.  However, this avoidance can create places where our thoughts are stuck, our emotions are stuck and our physical body is stuck.  These are blocks, places where we cannot move forward.

By dialoguing directly with the subconscious mind, we are able to identify and then remove blocks. We change the vibrations that we associate with a certain memory.  That does not mean that we forget it.  But it loses the emotional charge, the energy attached to it.  The result is freedom from blocks in the subconscious.  The mind is able to create new neural-pathways.  The emotions are cleared up.  The body can begin to heal.

If you have been looking for the true, root cause of a behavior, disease or disorder, you have found it.  In these extremely effective and transformative sessions, I use hypnotherapy combined with neuro-linguistic programming to identify and clear subconscious blocks. The sessions are incredibly gentle and profoundly effective.  Most people achieve significant changes in a single session.

To learn more, visit my website.

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