Hi there!  I’m Cristy Jenkins, and I am an Integrated Health Coach, empowering individuals to make lasting health behavior changes that are the cornerstones of lifelong well-being, bridging the gap between medical recommendations that a doctor might make and a person’s abilities to successfully implement those recommendations into daily life.  I believe that what you eat and what you think is what you are.  I’m passionate about whole foods that nourish the body and I believe in the body’s innate wisdom to balance and heal itself.  Tying in to this are positive thought patterns, belief systems and meditation practices that enhance the experience of being human.


I live in the great sage plains of Southwest Colorado with my husband and my two boys, a small herd of horses, cows and various other ranch animals.  I am a writer and I enjoy painting.  I love discovering new ways with whole food ingredients and experiencing the healing potential each food possesses. I am learning to become a better gardener every year and I’m a kitchen skin-care concoctionist, with a line of natural and organic, preservative-free products, called Mariposa.  Found here.

I welcome inquiries and private consultations!  For integrative health coaching, nutrition support and personal counseling please send me an email:


To your well being!